Working to help government bases and campus-like environments clear our their existing obsolete networks reclaiming infrastructure to build out.

Decommissioning Solutions

Modernization of critical Telecommunications infrastructure is necessary to keep pace with today's world. Creating new pathways due to duct congestion costs time and requires a budget that may not be there.

Green Planet 21 Utility Services combination of unique skills, engineering, equipment, processes, recycling, audit tracking allows unique options for a lowering the cost to deploy new services.

Keep Your Campus Running by reusing existing duct

Green Planet 21 Utility Services specializes in removing old network copper backbones and Central Offices in order to reuse existing duct infrastructure freeing up existing duct for fiber initiatives.


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Facilitate environmental clean-up objectives

Green Planet 21 Utility Services specializes in the safe recycling and most efficient monetization of cable through our years of expertise and contacts.


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