Electrical Cable Removal

Green Planet 21 Utility 21 helps remove unusable low voltage power distribution cable for utility contractors and utility companies quicker than any other processes

Cable Removal for Electric Power Utilities

Let Green Planet 21 Utility Services help you with on-going maintenance program of replacing older and failing low voltage cables to keep the grid operational.

Remove up to 10,000 ft of cable per day

Green Planet 21 Utility Services owns and operates a fleet of Scrapper Trucks (MCV Chopper trucks). This highly specialized piece of equipment along with our trained journeyman scrapper operator has allowed us to remove up to 10,000 feet of cable in one day opposed to removing it by reeling it onto cable reels.


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Handle difficult cable more efficiently

Our Scrapper Trucks (MCV Chopper trucks) can handle any type of cable especially those harder to remove cables such as oil filled or impregnated cables. Successfully pull cable from long runs with manholes far between.


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Reduce Manual Labor Costs

Reduce overhead and manual labor by cutting down on the time your cable removal project will take. Using a Scrapper truck (MCV Chopper truck) translates into cost-savings but pulling out even the most difficult cable more efficiently than other methods.


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