Legacy Copper Network Cable Recovery

Retire your legacy core copper networks without investing in capital or manpower and protect your network

It All Starts with a Cable Recovery Program

Reduced Cable Maintenance Costs

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Reduce the cost that aged copper infrastructure and active equipment require in expensive maintenance and upkeep.

Financial Return on Equipment and Processes

Financial Return

Proprietary equipment and processes using non-invasive methods deliver the highest asset returns.

Safety to Network

Safety to Network

Expert onsite management team and technology delivering best in class performance for.

Turnkey Copper Cable Removal Solutions

Green Planet 21 Utility Services is the foremost expert in removing and recycling legacy copper telecommunications networks in the world. Whereas some other companies may handle one aspect of the copper cable removal process Green Planet 2 Utility Services handles the entire process allowing your TelCo to not have to invest in expensive equipment, manpower and time so you can focus on looking foward not backwards.


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Outside Construction Solutions

Green Planet 21 Utility Services offers services beyond cable removal including:

Engineering solutions for compressing networks onto better quality pathways

Underground pathway, rod, rope, verification & placement of rope or mule tape

Underground placement of fiber option cable as replacement for old cable.


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Scrapper Truck Rentals

Green Planet 21 Utility Services own and operate a fleet of Scrapper Trucks (MCV Chopper trucks) and have experienced operators that can help with your cable removal project.


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